Most retail electric providers and utility companies have a default billing system that is the same for all customers.  Depending on the nature of your business, you may qualify to have certain charges removed from your bills.

Our team of experts will analyze your bill and make sure you are receiving the proper billing structure for your business.  You could be eligible to receive a refund for previously purchased services.

If no credit or refund is obtained, there is no charge to you.



With over 10 years experience in the deregulated energy markets, you will find confidence in our power procurement process for commercial and industrial fields.  Our in-depth market analysis provides the basis to assure the most competitive prices for our customers.

We can customize products for any business need and usage parameters, full swing products, day ahead market pricing, heat rate and natural gas products and many other pricing options.

Have you ever felt you were being overcharged?  Having trouble understanding your bill?



We’ll save you money or we’ll pay you $250!

Competitive pricing guaranteed.  The most cutting edge equipment available.

Send us your most recent statement and we’ll send you a customized proposal.